AIDLASS Session (Interpretation available)
Organisation, productivity and well-being at work
14:00 – 17:30 | Piemonte Pavilion, Conference Hall | Chairperson: Prof. Alberto Pizzoferrato, University of Bologna

  • Speaker: Valeria Filì
    Private Welfare and well-being at work
  • Speaker: Massimiliano Marinelli
    Tempo di attesa e orario di lavoro
  • Speaker: Alberto Mattei
    Invisible bonds: interconnections between company welfare, digitalization and fidelization
  • Speaker: Roberta Nunin
    Well-being at work and prevention of harassment: some good practices from the Italian collective bargaining
  • Speaker: Fabrizia Santini
    Benessere aziendale e dintorni
  • Speaker: Carla Spinelli
    Disability, reasonable accomodation and smart working: a virtuous matching?
  • Speaker: Michele Tiraboschi
    Chronic diseases and return to work: the perspective of “industrial relations law”